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Give Employees Purpose

‘Touch their heart and soul.'

As the economy improves, so does credit unions' degree of difficulty in keeping their best and brightest workers.

Give your employees purpose, Paula Stopera, CEO, CAP COM Federal Credit Union, Albany, N.Y., tells Credit Union Magazine.

"I realized a long time ago that if we were to keep great people here, we had to be more than a paycheck—we had to touch their heart and soul," she says.

Stopera offers credit unions tips on employee engagement such as:

Employee engagement starts on Day 1: "At our new-employee orientation, we spend 90 minutes talking about the CAP COM mission, our core values, and why we come to work every day. We want employees to understand our commitment to members, safety, and excellence. We turn tasks into opportunities for greatness. I tell them, use our dental plan and make sure your teeth are shiny white, because we're a friendly organization that changes people's lives. I want members to leave saying, ‘Wow, I had an unbelievable experience.'"

Employee recognition is important: "Every week, I try to present at least five GUSTO awards. That stands for Greet the member, Use the member's name, Smile (even on the phone), Thank the member, and Offer a handshake.

"Our GUSTO symbol is a bee, because they're a miracle of nature. They shouldn't be able to fly. Their body weight is 10 times the capability of their wings. But nobody told them that, so guess what? They do—fly high and pollinate beautiful flowers.

"I've always believed that leadership is about the success of those around you. I work hard to make sure people are succeeding, empowered, and know they are very important to where we go from here. I say ‘thank you' a lot."

Find more leadership advice from Stopera in the July issue of Credit Union Magazine.