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 Feb '18Jan '18
# of CUs5,7575,758
Total Assets
($ billions)
Total Savings
($ billions)
Net Cap.
Loans to Savings82.6%84.1%
Loan Delinq.0.8%0.9%

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Are You Ready for Disruption?

Look to your IT department for lessons in agility.

The ability to identify and react to threats and opportunities is increasingly important in all industries.

Within organizations, the information technology (IT) department is a great place to learn agility strategies and techniques, according to McKinsey & Co.

IT departments, for example, must be agile to deal with the fast-changing landscape of software, legacy systems, and security.

Export these common approaches beyond the IT department:

Rapid decision making. Work faster by deploying cross-functional teams, using well-defined controls, and with fewer—but more important—objectives.

Democratize data. Create a single source of data available to the whole organization, eliminating the confusion that comes with competing data sets.

Design for flexibility. Create systems that free employees to add value to your operations, rather than requiring them to do the basics over and over again.

Kill complexity. Complexity is the enemy. Simplify accountability, decision-making rights, and the number of variants in projects.

Responsiveness. Truly agile companies know exactly how to respond to timely opportunities or threats. Employees must be cross-trained and ready to redeploy when necessary.