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How the Hiring Process Is Changing

Seven new hiring considerations for human resource leaders.

The job hunt might take on a different look in 2016, according to Fast Company.

Credit union human resource managers who struggle with higher turnover this year might improve their hiring efficiency, reach, and success by understanding shifts in the job search process.

Credit unions, according to Fast Company, should consider these seven shifts:

1. Social media will grow as a way for job seekers to find opportunities.

2. Potential hires will do their own background checks on your company through sites such as GlassDoor, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

3. Informal conversations, over a cup of coffee or at networking events, will be a more important way of identifying job candidates.

4. Finding talent will trump finding specific skills for specific job descriptions.

5. Location won't be as important as in the past, as remote work becomes more common.

6. Video interviews and résumés will grow as a way to cut down the field of candidates.

7. Candidates will seek out positions they can build around their interests and skills.

Keeping up in the marketplace will be important for credit unions in 2016. The labor market is growing more competitive, according to CUNA's 2015-2016 Staff Salary Report.

Many credit unions contend with growing levels of staff departures and the need for pay increases due to the improving U.S. economy, according to the report.

CUNA's 2015-2016 Staff Salary Report is available instantly to Complete and Expanded subscribers. It's also available for separate purchase.