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 Apr '18Mar '18
# of CUs5,7245,727
Total Assets
($ billions)
Total Savings
($ billions)
Net Cap.
Loans to Savings82.9%81.5%
Loan Delinq.0.8%0.8%

         Credit Union Indicators

Prepare for More Millennial Homeowners

Provide home-buying services and technologies suitable for this generation.

Young-adult home ownership trends look fairly positive for the remainder of the decade, according to Fannie Mae economists' projections.

Growth in young adult homeownership increases the need to expand education and counseling efforts targeted at inexperienced homeowners, according to those economists. Also, credit unions should step up efforts to provide services and technologies suitable for youthful home buyers.

The number of young homeowners has been in decline for decades due to multiple factors, including changes in the age distribution of the population, longer educational careers, delayed marriage, and childbearing.

The ownership decline likely will continue but seems to be easing, Fannie Mae's economists indicate. And strong population growth could soon generate increases even without much improvement in homeownership rates.

Overall, the most likely scenarios project credit union first mortgage growth in the 8.5% to 9.5% range for 2016, says Mike Schenk, CUNA's vice president of economics and statistics

At midyear 2015, first mortgages accounted for 41% of total credit union loans outstanding, making it the largest (by far) of the seven key portfolios CUNA tracks.

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