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The power of accountability

ACUC speaker Alex Sheen emphasizes making and keeping promises.

There are those who make promises and don't follow through. And there are those who make—and keep—promises.

The world needs more of the latter, says a nationally respected thought leader who uses a business card-sized piece of paper to record promises and hold people accountable.

"It's universally true that commitment is needed everywhere in life," says Alex Sheen, founder of Because I Said I Would. "We all understand the importance of a promise and it's something that is needed to make the world a better place."

Sheen will highlight the power of keeping promises during his keynote address at the America's Credit Union Conference June 26-29 in Seattle.

That emphasis on making—and keeping—promises has never been more important, Sheen says. Today, while people find it easy to make promises, they're not as good at keeping them.

For instance, only 8% of people follow through on their New Year's resolutions, Sheen says.

And in today's world, technology can make it easier for people to "hide behind an excuse or legitimate reason" for not keeping a promise, whether that pledge involved plans to meet a group of friends for dinner or spend time at a volunteer event.

"It's almost a shock when someone follows through," Sheen says.

But changing your mindset and following through on your promises isn't difficult, Sheen says. It merely requires people to hold themselves accountable.

"We don't need a miracle solution," Sheen says. "We just need people to do what they said they'd do in the first place."