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Three steps for improving contact center culture

Culture determines long-term success, says STCU's Robyn Galtieri.

Two years ago, $2.4 billion asset STCU in Liberty Lake, Wash., implemented a plan to increase accountability and improve results in its call center.

The main driver of that plan was culture, says Robyn Galtieri, STCU's contact center and operations director.

Galtieri, who spoke at the CUNA Technology Council Conference and CUNA Operations, Sales & Services Council Conference, offers three steps for improving contact center culture:

1. Show up. This is about more than "having a rear in a seat," Galtieri says. "It means showing compassion, listening, and encouraging members and each other."

2. Be available. Again, this means more than what might initially appear. "It's really about asking questions and listening for spoken and unspoken meanings," Galtieri says. "It's really about building trust."

3. Offer remarkable service. That means "being mindful that we're all whole people with life stories that impact how we show up," she says. "So when a member calls and they're angry, they're not angry at you. There are other things going on in their lives that impact them, and that allows for us to have grace and space for however that member shows up in that moment."

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